Aikido Summer Berlin

World-class martial arts in Berlin

Europe’s first International Aikido Festival with 16 highly qualified teachers from 12 nations.

Aikido Masters from around the world present and teach the Japanese art of self-defense in Berlin for 5 days in early August. Over a hundred of Aikidoka from Asia, Europe and America attend Europe’s first Aikido Festival.

Aikido is all about peacefully solving aggression and struggle in confrontation. Attacks are not blocked, there are no hard blows, no brutal counterattacks – connect and divert and relocate and flow – this is how Aikido works. The result is astonishing and sometimes spectacular: attackers and defenders meet in a common fluid movement, whose dynamics and aesthetics can connect to a combined thrill. There is no struggle, no winner and no loser; only the perfection of movement and the growth of personality and inner strength.

Takeshi Yamashima, 7th Dan and Grandmaster from Tokyo is the outstanding representative of Aikido in these 5 days. Further teachers from the USA, Canada, Slovakia, Italy, France, Israel, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany teach daily sequences in the Kreuzberg Lobeck sports hall.

Each teacher brings their own view, their own style on the mat. It is about the exchange and the togetherness, about the presentation of the diverse world of Aikido. Europe’s first Aikido festival is also a colorful meeting of friends and like-minded people with lots of joyful activities beyond the mat.

  • Interested parties are invited to stop by, watch and ask questions.
  • Date: 4-8 August 2018, daily from 9:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 19:00
  • Location: Lobecksporthalle Berlin, Lobeckstr. 63, 10969 Berlin
  • Organizers: German Aikido Confederation e.V., Shoshin Dojo Hamburg, Kranich Dojo-Kreuzberg
  • Media: Images, texts, interviews and photo opportunities at any time by appointment