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We are looking forward to welcoming you at this years aikido summer camp in Skradin, Croatia!

Dirk Müller

Dr. Dirk Müller Sensei began Aikido in 1986, he is one of the few western Deshi of Seishiro Endo Shihan. Endo Shihans way of „Kimusubi“, the focus on “center connection“ and the research for natural movements became important parts of his practice.

As MD and TCM Naturopath he also intregrates his knowlege about the energetic qualities of yin and yang into his practice and teachings and is especially interested in the „inner work“ of Aiki practice in connection with the partners. read more about Dirk Müller…


7:30 – 9:00 am & 6:30 – 8:00 pm

We are looking forward to an intensive week of practise with 1.5 hours of training in the morning and 1.5 hours of practise in the evenings. The whole week, Dirk Müller will teach his way of aikido and inspire with his sound founded views and knowledge. For those interested, there will be a meditation session every morning before aikido practise. The costs for this seminar is 150€.

The schedule allows you and your family to spend these days together at the beach, in the beautiful village of Skradin or the beautiful surroundings near Skradin.

This is your chance to combine an inspiring, advancing aikido practise with a deeply relaxing summer vacation.

Location & Getting there

Jubilant sunshine, a peaceful village and aquamarine water to swim in…


Skradin, a beautiful small city at the edge of the internationally acknowledged national park “Krka” – a place, Bill Gates named to be his favourite vacation place in the world.

Croatia’s splendid sceneries with mountains, turquoise waters and lots of greens will let you feel the charm and elegance of one of Europe’s most beautiful places in summer.


We recommend to book flights as soon as possible. Just check for the best prices. Close Airports to Skradin are Split or Zadar. There are many options for private or public transfer by bus from all airports to Skradin.


Just use the address and Google Maps in order to find the spot. The streets are in very good condition and the ride is beautiful to get there. We are also eager to organise own transportation by bus or with carpooling. Please let us know if you are interested in this.

The address of the dojo is: D56 56, 22222, Skradin, Croatia


The marina in Skradin is very beautiful and perfect to land with your boat. In order to check prices and availability, please contact the adriatic association directly ACI Skradin

Read more about the location on:

National Park Krka





We recommend booking in advance. Please check the popular sites for your booking. We recommend in order to find the displayed houses. Just click on a picture and you will see what is available for your accommodation.

Surroundings & Dojo

Beautiful old architecture, heat and holiday as well as 12 intense sessions of high class aikido in a huge dojo are waiting for you!


The dojo is already prepared when we arrive. We will train in a 1000 square meter big hall with high ceilings and professional mats on the floor.


Registration Skradin 2018

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