Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan

9th Dan Aikikai | Japan



In his youth Yamaguchi practiced Kendo and Kenjutsu. In 1943 he was drafted for military service. At the age of 27, he began training aikido at Ueshiba Morihei. In 1958 he went to Burma, returned to Japan in 1960, where he taught in Aikikai Honbu Dōjō. Since 1977 he traveled to other countries such as France, Germany, Argentina to spread Aikido.
Significant students are Yoshinobu Takeda, Mitsogi Saotome, Seishirō Endo, Masatoshi Yasuno, Takeshi Yamashima, Sobue Mitsuru, Atsushi Mimuro, Christian Tissier, Franck Noel, William Gleason, Philippe Gouttard, Bernhard Palmier and others.